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Here Are Reasons Highlighting Why The Dark Side Of Force Might Not Be As Evil

If you have watched The Empire Strikes Back then you know how fascinating the film must be. In this film, there is the light and the dark side. However, here is why you should not think of the dark side of force is an evil thing.

When you are doing this, some of the things you should put in mind is that there is nothing evil about dark side. In fact, there is no much difference between the light and the dark side of force. The only difference is the way they use their magic. One member suppressions their emotions while the other uses anger to fuel their powers. You should note that the other difference is the way they make use of their power. The light side will trick people by attacking their mind. When you are using the dark side, then you will find you will end up using force of lightning. if this is the case, now, why would you say the dark side is evil?

When you think about it, those on the dark side do not do any evil. In fact, the only reason they are considered to be evil in their practices. When you take a look into the whole scenario, it could be the light side has more evil than the dark. To start with, they mind control people to do what they want.

When you compare the dark side to the light side, you will find that the dark side is about honesty. In fact anything that comes out of Obi-Wan mouth is a lie. The fact is that they do this as a way of manipulating Luke into fighting and killing his father. Some of the things you should note about the dark side they are honest.

What you should note is that the dark side focus on innovation. The reason being they want there to be progress and growth. When you look into it you will realize those in the light side what to kill innovation. The other thing you should note is that they do not like getting progress. The dark side is all about change and how to embrace it.

When watching this film, some of the things you should note are that the dark side is not as evil as you might initially think. You will notice they do not think of good deeds and are creative.

The light side main agenda is lies, stiffing progress, and even slavery. it is important to note that not so much product can be said about these characters. If this is the case, the dark side is better.